Saturday, September 26, 2009

Alisa and I still are not pregnant. So I went to the doctor to get my sperm count checked. Everything is good on that front, but apparently my motility is down. Something like 55 when I should be at a 70, whatever that means. Alisa is already talking about artificial insemination. To top it all off, Alisa's doctor recommended that she get vaccinated for Rubella and mumps before we try to get pregnant. So we have to wait a month before we can get back to baby making.

On the work front things are going OK. The commercial real estate industry is still down, so things have been slow at our company. Busy for us developers though, because we are developing auction functionality for the site.

I'm also developing a new app for my Windows Mobile phone. One that will calculate Weight Watcher points and keep track of what you've eaten for the day. Wish me luck.